Are you suffering from load shedding or paying high electricity bills. Allow Solar Ventures to offer you a competitively priced solution with the worlds best quality equipment. Our solutions includes a free site survey followed by a feasibility study and quote.

Solar Ventures has a wealth of experience in commercial solar projects across Pakistan that have been designed to offer the best return on investment per square foot and integrate with the existing energy infrastructure of the space.

Almost all gas stations and fuel pumps have a canopy structure over the fuel dispensers as well as a retail concession area. These areas are conducive for solar installations.
Agricultural Solar Solutions have been a great blessing for several little cities and villages in Pakistan. It is sad, however that there are lots of villages in Pakistan where electricity has not reached or power interruptions are rampant.
Solar Ventures has a wealth of experience in industrial solar projects in the textile, garment, food, pharmaceutical, steel, cosmetics, leather, paints and other sectors across Pakistan that have been successfully completed through our branch network.